Saturday, February 28, 2009

Smokin’ Aces (2006)

This is an imperfect-but-creditable movie. Buddy “Aces” Israel (Jeremy Piven) is a small time scammer turned magician who has managed to get his hands on evidence against big time mobster Sparazza. Upon discovering Buddy is about to deliver the goods to the FBI to have him thrown in prison, Sparazza sets up a $1 million bounty on his head. A variety of thugs are enticed by the reward and try to take out Buddy.

The film was primarily shot at MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa. It is the feature film debut of both R&B artist Alicia Keys and rapper Common. A straight-to-DVD prequel has been announced with Carnahan executive producing. The gun used by the hitwoman is a 50 caliber M107 Long Range Sniper Rifle. The flashy cardwork seen during the movie was done by professional twin magicians Dan and Dave Buck.


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